My Trip To Scottsdale Arizona!!

My Trip To Scottsdale Arizona!!

Hi There! I’m sitting in bed writing this blog post and wishing that I was back in Arizona. It is 47 degrees here. I just looked and it’s 72 degrees in Phoenix. I think I’d rather be in Phoenix. It is also going to be cold and rainy here in North Carolina tomorrow. Ugggg!! I am such a warm weather girl. I don’t like winter. I hibernated all weekend. LOL! I mean I stayed in the house all weekend. I went out once to get gas and to go to the grocery store because I was missing some of the ingredients that I needed for the unstuffed cabbage that I was going to prepare for dinner.

So, why all this talk about Arizona? Let me tell you about my trip! I went to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area in September and I had a fantastic time! I have to admit that I had no desire to go to the desert and experience all that hot weather but I was pleasantly surprised. I really had a great time and enjoyed every moment. I went to Arizona for a business conference but the conference was structured very nicely this time and they gave us plenty of time to explore. I work as an office manager for a periodontal practice and I am a member of AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Managers). It is a wonderful association that I am proud to be part of.  I really had the best of both worlds, I learned so much and I was able to explore a new place! What could be better than that!?

Cyndi Rhonda and I – Team Training

Now, back to the trip. I landed in Arizona and got a ride to the resort. I had the pleasure of staying at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. It is located in Scottsdale AZ. I checked in and immediately went outside to explore. It was HOT!! A different kind of hot though, it was not humid like it is in North Carolina. But hot is hot and it was hot! I was so fascinated with the plant life. And, there was no soil! Lol, I know, it’s the desert but it was my first time! I’m a beach kind of girl.  The succulents were beautiful. If you have read my June succulent arrangement blog post, you can tell that I really have taken a liking to succulents and I have planted a few succulent arrangements. The succulents and cacti were huge and so beautiful! You can read about the succulent arrangement that I made here:

succulents, cacti, plants in Arizona,

Beautiful Succulents and Plants at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa

I was starving so I made my way to the Brittlebush Bar and Grill. It was on the golf course. They had a nice golf apparel store and a beautiful view of the golf course and a pond. There was a patio with mist sprayers also. I sat inside. The service was awesome! My waitress brought me a Prickly Pear Margarita on the house and it was so good! I ordered the cheese steak sliders that she recommended. I had sweet potato fries with my sliders. They were sooooo good! When I finished my meal, my waitress brought me a complimentary dessert, bread pudding with mascarpone cheese and caramel toffee on top. Oh my!! That lunch started my trip off right! I left relaxed and happy. I made my way back to my room but not without stopping to take more pictures of the beautiful plants.

Cheesesteak Sliders, Prickly Pear Margarita and Bread Pudding!

Cacti, Succulents, and Plants Scottsdale Arizona

The resort was beautiful. I have never been so relaxed. There is something about going out of town and just getting away that just totally relaxes you. It’s such a nice feeling. I had dinner with my colleague Cyndi and I met one of her colleagues, Rhonda. We all went to dinner one night and we had the best time. We ate at an Italian restaurant called Marcellino Ristorante in Scottsdale. They had live music and we really enjoyed listening. Oh my goodness! Our food was delicious! Beyond delicious! I had shiitake infused pasta with shitake mushrooms, lobster, lemon white wine sauce and white truffle oil. I know sounds divine, doesn’t it?! It was divine. Rhonda and Cyndi enjoyed their meals as well and we left happy. The service was very good. I would love to go back. We walked around and shopped after we ate. We laughed and had a great time.

I wanted to go to the pool but I had forgotten my swimsuit cover-up. When we had a lunch break, I took the hotel shuttle across the street to shop for a cover-up. I went to a lovely store called Everything But Water. I met Erica and Beth and they were so helpful and nice. I had such a nice experience and we laughed and had great conversation. They helped me pick out a cover-up and I love it! I actually didn’t have time to go to the pool during my trip so I didn’t get to wear my swimsuit cover-up. I went to the beach later in September with my hubby and I wore my cover-up. I got three compliments! It’s very soft and flattering. I love the color! Here is a picture of me on the beach (Pawley’s Island, SC) wearing my cover-up. Once again, I’m so relaxed and happy. Vacations and trips do that to me.

Everything But Water, swimsuit cover up

Swimsuit Cover-Up. Everything But Water

Swimsuit cover-up from Everything But Water

Swimsuit Cover-up from Everything But Water


I did not get to see the Grand Canyon, it was about three hours away from where I was staying and there just wasn’t time. I went to a Butterfly Museum and I really enjoyed that. I love taking pictures of butterflies so this was right up my alley! I saw some of the most beautiful butterflies and it was nice to see that butterflies come from a chrysalis that doesn’t look the same. I saw some that were silver, gold, bright green, had spots and all sorts of colors! I love this picture of butterflies in a dish eating together.

Butterflies eating

Butterflies Eating


I went on on a desert tour! I once again have to be honest. I didn’t want to go on a tour of the desert. I am really afraid of snakes. I was content to stay at the resort but my friend and colleague Cindy kept harassing me J I finally agreed to go on the next to the last day and I am very happy that I did. It was really the best experience. We had the best tour guide, Jake. He was just the nicest man and he had so much knowledge. We took some beautiful sunset pictures in the Sonoran Desert and I’ll never forget it.

Sonoran Desert Tour with Jake

Sonoran Desert Tour with Jake

Cyndi taking a picture of Brie taking a picture of me

Beautiful sunset in the Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert Sunset

I love making memories and there were some very good memories made in Arizona. I would definitely go back. I could tell you more about my trip but this post would be so long. You would get tired of reading! I shared the highlights.That just proves that you really don’t know what to expect until you try something. I really wasn’t excited about going to the conference in Arizona and I ended up making new friends, meeting new colleagues, making wonderful memories and experiencing something new. I can’t wait to do it again!

Until next time ya’ll. Go make some memories!


Weekend Getaway Pawley’s Island SC

Weekend Getaway Pawley’s Island SC

Hello Friends! We recently went on a weekend getaway to Pawley’s Island SC. Two of my kids were leaving for college so we wanted to go on one last family vacation. We decided to take a weekend trip.  We made reservations at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort in Pawley’s Island SC. We have been there before and this is our third time visiting. I have to tell you that I love that place! We all do. This is not a sponsored post; I just really enjoy spending time there. Whenever we go there, we are so relaxed. This time, I woke up early one morning and went on a long walk by myself. I took some beautiful pictures and enjoyed some time to just think, enjoy nature and get some much-needed exercise.

I walked to the beach and it was about a 15-minute walk from where we were staying this time. The sky was beautiful and the scenery at the resort is just so pretty and peaceful. There were people out jogging, walking with their babies in strollers and walking to enjoy nature and get exercise. We all exchanged a cheery good morning! It’s wonderful how people are so nice and happy when they are on vacation. Everyone needs some time to relax and getaway. It really does wonders for the soul. I felt as if my soul was rejuvenated.Pictures of flowers, a cute rabbit, and sunrise that I took while walking:

Let me tell you about Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort. It is a wonderful place to take your family. There are several rental options. We have stayed in a condo located in the Lakeside area of the resort. We also stayed in another condo located in another area of the resort. This condo was a loft style condo and it was closer to the beach. This time, for our weekend getaway, we stayed in an apartment style building that was further from the beach but closer to the pool and lazy river.  Families really enjoy the pool and lazy river. There is also a hot tub. There are buckets that fill with water and you can stand under them. When the buckets are full, the water pours out on the people standing under them. Kids love it! There is also a huge barrel that fills with water and then pours out when full.

Lakeside Condo

Apartment Style Rentals

Pool Near Apartment Rentals


Beach House

Beach House

Pretty Gazebo

Clubhouse By The Ocean

People Fishing=Fun!

The Beautiful Ocean

You can walk to the beach, go to the gym, and eat at the restaurant that is on site. They have a wonderful breakfast buffet, enjoy Happy Hour at the Tiki Bar, go to the Day Spa, Health and Fitness Center, Rent a bike, play tennis or play golf at one of the 4 centrally located golf courses. We love to go to the pizza restaurant that is across the street from the resort. There is also a grocery store and other shopping across the street. The grocery store comes in handy because we usually cook some of our meals. When we don’t cook, we enjoy pizza, ice cream and of course seafood. We love to go to Graham’s Landing in Murrells Inlet for seafood. This time we tried Drunken Jack’s Restaurant and Lounge and it was very good also. I think Graham’s Landing is still our favorite. Drunken Jack’s has a wonderful atmosphere and beautiful scenery. We sat by a window and were intrigued by the goats that were on land in the inlet. We asked the waiter and he told us that the restaurant owns the goats and brings them there in the spring where they stay until fall I think. The waiter told us that the goats like to people watch! I have posted a picture below but I don’t think you can see the goats. They are on the strip of land in the picture. We enjoyed watching them and the people who passed by on water skis, on the Brew Boat, a boat that people pedal while they drink, and on private boats.


Private Boat

Goats In The Inlet!

We have taken our son and daughter back to college. My husband and I are going to plan another getaway to Pawley’s island and we will stay at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort again to spend some time alone. I can’t wait!

I hope you are enjoying your summer. Enjoy the rest of the summer and make everyday count!