How to Plant a Succulent Arrangement

How to Plant a Succulent Arrangement

Hi Friends! I made a succulent arrangement for my deck! I am so happy and proud to say that I have made my first YouTube video! I’m a little scared too! Yikes! It isn’t easy putting yourself out there for everyone to see. The video shows how I made the succulent arrangement. I made it about a month ago and it took me awhile to upload it to YouTube. My daughter Maya, who is home from her first year of college (whoop! whoop!) gave me an editing lesson and I see that I have so much to learn! She did a wonderful job. Thanks Maya!! Now I just have to practice.

Succulent Arrangement With Sand

Succulent Arrangement

There is so much to learn! I would like to say that I have such an appreciation for all the people that take the time to make videos. Anyone that takes the time and makes the effort to be creative with a video, teach something and entertain us has my respect!! This is not easy and there is so much to it. My video is simple and I think they will be that way for a while lol! It will be interesting to look back in a year and see how I have grown and how things have improved. I thought blogging and the technical aspects of blogging were hard! It’s all hard so I must say that you have to love it. I am enjoying the journey and I love exploring new and exciting ways to express my creativity.

In the video, I show you how to make a succulent arrangement and I use sand and aquarium gravel. It turned out really pretty and I have it on a table on my deck.  Here is a list of materials that you will need:


  • Succulent or Cactus potting soil (I used Miracle Grow).
  • Sand, use any color you like. I used white sand and I purchased it from the pet department at Walmart.
  • Aquarium Gravel, I used black but you can use any color. This was also from the pet department at Walmart.
  • Activated Charcoal, this was also in the pet department at Walmart. (I spent a lot of time at Walmart! J
  • Pick out the plants that you like. After searching around, I found a good variety at my local Walmart. I purchased a Hen and Chicks plant at Lowe’s but it turned out to be too big for my arrangement so I placed it in a pot with some flowers and it is doing well.

To make the arrangement, I placed activated charcoal in the bottom of my container. Then, I placed the soil on top leaving room to plant my succulents. I played around the arrangement of succulents until I liked what I saw. Next, I put more soil around the plants. After I was sure I liked the arrangement and had enough soil, I brushed the soil off of the leaves of the plants. It was time to place the sand on top of the soil. I put white sand on top of the soil and lastly, I put black aquarium gravel in the places that I wanted gravel. It turned out really pretty and it is doing quite well.

Water your arrangement once every two weeks. I purchased a soil moisture meter from Lowe’s for about $10.00. You don’t have to have a moisture meter; I just thought it would be helpful for me to have one. I have a lot of plants in my house and I am really starting to take an interest in succulents.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post about making a succulent arrangement and I hope you will watch and enjoy the video! If you like what you see, please like, share and subscribe to my new YouTube channel, Angela-Monica. Here is the link to the video:

If you make an arrangement, I would love to hear from you! Until next time! Be creative, be happy and be you!

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