Weekend Getaway Pawley’s Island SC

Weekend Getaway Pawley’s Island SC

Hello Friends! We recently went on a weekend getaway to Pawley’s Island SC. Two of my kids were leaving for college so we wanted to go on one last family vacation. We decided to take a weekend trip.  We made reservations at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort in Pawley’s Island SC. We have been there before and this is our third time visiting. I have to tell you that I love that place! We all do. This is not a sponsored post; I just really enjoy spending time there. Whenever we go there, we are so relaxed. This time, I woke up early one morning and went on a long walk by myself. I took some beautiful pictures and enjoyed some time to just think, enjoy nature and get some much-needed exercise.

I walked to the beach and it was about a 15-minute walk from where we were staying this time. The sky was beautiful and the scenery at the resort is just so pretty and peaceful. There were people out jogging, walking with their babies in strollers and walking to enjoy nature and get exercise. We all exchanged a cheery good morning! It’s wonderful how people are so nice and happy when they are on vacation. Everyone needs some time to relax and getaway. It really does wonders for the soul. I felt as if my soul was rejuvenated.Pictures of flowers, a cute rabbit, and sunrise that I took while walking:

Let me tell you about Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort. It is a wonderful place to take your family. There are several rental options. We have stayed in a condo located in the Lakeside area of the resort. We also stayed in another condo located in another area of the resort. This condo was a loft style condo and it was closer to the beach. This time, for our weekend getaway, we stayed in an apartment style building that was further from the beach but closer to the pool and lazy river.  Families really enjoy the pool and lazy river. There is also a hot tub. There are buckets that fill with water and you can stand under them. When the buckets are full, the water pours out on the people standing under them. Kids love it! There is also a huge barrel that fills with water and then pours out when full.

Lakeside Condo

Apartment Style Rentals

Pool Near Apartment Rentals


Beach House

Beach House

Pretty Gazebo

Clubhouse By The Ocean

People Fishing=Fun!

The Beautiful Ocean

You can walk to the beach, go to the gym, and eat at the restaurant that is on site. They have a wonderful breakfast buffet, enjoy Happy Hour at the Tiki Bar, go to the Day Spa, Health and Fitness Center, Rent a bike, play tennis or play golf at one of the 4 centrally located golf courses. We love to go to the pizza restaurant that is across the street from the resort. There is also a grocery store and other shopping across the street. The grocery store comes in handy because we usually cook some of our meals. When we don’t cook, we enjoy pizza, ice cream and of course seafood. We love to go to Graham’s Landing in Murrells Inlet for seafood. This time we tried Drunken Jack’s Restaurant and Lounge and it was very good also. I think Graham’s Landing is still our favorite. Drunken Jack’s has a wonderful atmosphere and beautiful scenery. We sat by a window and were intrigued by the goats that were on land in the inlet. We asked the waiter and he told us that the restaurant owns the goats and brings them there in the spring where they stay until fall I think. The waiter told us that the goats like to people watch! I have posted a picture below but I don’t think you can see the goats. They are on the strip of land in the picture. We enjoyed watching them and the people who passed by on water skis, on the Brew Boat, a boat that people pedal while they drink, and on private boats.


Private Boat

Goats In The Inlet!

We have taken our son and daughter back to college. My husband and I are going to plan another getaway to Pawley’s island and we will stay at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort again to spend some time alone. I can’t wait!

I hope you are enjoying your summer. Enjoy the rest of the summer and make everyday count!



Update – What I Have Been Up To Lately

Update – What I Have Been Up To Lately

Hi there. I wanted to update you on what I have been up to lately. I know it’s been awhile since I have written you. I’ve been a bit scattered lately. I have been busy with work (my real job). I’ve  been thinking about what I want to do with this blog and my jewelry. I would like to share more of myself with you but the technical stuff is getting in the way. I didn’t realize that blogging was so complicated. There is all the background stuff you have to know or learn about getting subscribers, what tools to use to set up subscription buttons, taking pictures and making them pretty etc…  There is just so much. It’s overwhelming! I have decided to just write and start where I am or I will never start. I will have to learn as I go. The good thing is that you will get to grow with me! Really, I don’t want to stress about it any longer. I just want to write and share my thoughts. I just want to be me. The only person I can be.

I have some good news. I have started to make jewelry again! I have only made a few pieces but it felt so good to get organized and finally start. I’m so glad that I started by painting my craft room/jewelry studio. The color is relaxing and cheerful.  You can read about it here Jewelry Studio/Office Makeover   I still need to keep decorating the space. I got busy with decorating for Christmas and the holidays were so busy. I am planning to sit down, turn on my music, design jewelry, and get started making pieces really soon. In the meantime, here are some of the pieces that I made. I’ve already worn them. It’s nice to wear my own jewelry again!

I’m also adjusting to my youngest daughter being away at college. I see her more than I thought I would. I know that will change but for now, I think I’m doing well. I’ve been busy. I have started decorating the house a little. I find things for the house little by little. I had stopped shopping for a long time. I ran out of money! You can’t decorate a whole house at once. This is my second house and I sold or got rid of a lot of my old things. Decorating is fun if you don’t stress about it. I am learning and having fun. I would like to take a decorating class one day. That will give me something else to do. It’s on my bucket list.

What have you all been up to? Are there any empty nesters out there? Let me know how you are doing and how you are adjusting to your empty nest.

I wish you all a Happy New Year! The best is yet to come!


Maya Did It! Now I Will Have A Empty Nest

Maya Did It! Now I Will Have A Empty Nest

Maya Grad CollageI am going to have an Empty Nest soon. This was one of my main reasons for starting this blog.

Maya, my youngest child has graduated from High School! I am so happy for her and sad all at the same time. I tried to enjoy every minute with her. I sometimes felt stressed when I had to drive her to school, knowing that it would make me late for work. Then, I would tell myself that I had better enjoy every minute of it because one day, I wouldn’t have to drive her. Well, that day has come. The year went by so fast! I knew from experience that it would. You see, she is my third child. I’ve been through this twice before. Each one felt different. This one is different. This is my last child. The last one. The baby. My miracle baby that wasn’t supposed to be here. I’m not supposed to be here either. I got sick and they had to deliver her early. She was only in me for 26 weeks and 5 days. Yep, she was three months early but she has always been a fighter.

Maya will be going to college and my house will be so quiet. This is the reason why I started this blog. I have heard about Empty Nest Syndrome but I never gave it much thought until a few months ago…. everything will be so different. I won’t need to rush home to cook dinner, I won’t need to hurry home to spend a little time with her before we have to go to bed to get up at 5 am the next day and start all over again and I won’t have my Dancing With The Stars Watching Buddy.

She wants to major in Graphic Design and I’m tickled about that. Maya has already helped me so much with my blog. Maya designed my logo and headers. I can’t wait to see what else she learns! I’m tickled for her!

So…. where does that leave me? I’m going to chat with you about finding myself again, finding my creativity and enjoying life. I’m prepping my husband for all the talking I’m going have to do and all the listening he will have to do since Maya will be gone 🙂 We are going to plan some dates. I’ll keep you posted…..

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Empty Nest Preparation For Moms

Empty Nest Preparation For Moms

How does one prepare for an empty nest? Should I prepare for my empty nest? My youngest child will graduate from high school this year. Soon she will be off to college. I have an older daughter at home but she will leave soon and even if she is at home, when your children get older, it’s not the same. They are rarely home and they do their own thing. You know what I mean if you have or have had an adult child at home. This is why I will still consider myself to be an empty nester when my youngest child leaves for college. As parents, we spend so much time doing things for our kids. All of a sudden, there are no more activities to attend, games to cheer for or school meetings to go to. The house is quiet and you find yourself with time on your hands. I better get ready! I know that I will be sad. Here is a list of a few things I am going to do to prepare:

  1. Finish setting up my jewelry studio so that I can make some jewelry.
  2. Share my journey with you!
  3. Make a list of all the things that I want to do but have not had time. My bucket list.

If you will soon be in the same situation, we are in this together!! I would encourage you to find yourself again by trying different things. One thing that I would love to learn how to do is sew. I plan on finding some time to take a sewing lesson. Dabble in a few things so that you can find “your thing”.

Stay tuned! Will you be an empty nester soon? What are you planning to do with your time? I would love to hear from you!

Creative Mojo-Five Steps To Finding It

Creative Mojo-Five Steps To Finding It

Hi Everyone! I want to talk to you all a little bit more about finding your creative mojo. You know, that hobby or thing that you like doing and it gives you joy.

Some of you may be looking for a creative outlet to relieve stress, make some side money, fill the time or to add some excitement to your life. Some of you may be in the same spot that I am in. Your last child is going off to college and you want to find something fun to do or you want to pick up a hobby that you enjoyed previously. Well, I’m going to help you find out how to do that!

Here goes:

1- Think back to the past, what have you done before? Perhaps even as a teenager and you enjoyed it? I have spoken to people and during the course of our conversation, they realized that they used to draw or paint. Perhaps they took cooking or sewing classes in high school and forgot how much they enjoyed it until now.  If you remember enjoying something, try it again to see if you still enjoy it.

2-Make a list. I love lists! Make a list of things that you have wanted to learn. Jump on the Internet and look into some of the things on your list. Narrow your list down to the things you think you would enjoy the most. Prioritize your list and start trying the things on your list in that order.

3-Talk to friends and see what types of things they enjoy doing. Perhaps you can have a girls day and explore something that a friend enjoys. Sometimes it is fun to learn and do things with a friend.

4-Research on the Internet or go to the library and look at books about different hobbies.  I used to be like a kid in the candy store when I visited the library! They have tons of books about jewelry making. I used to check books out and learn new things at home as opposed to taking a class. This is good if you are an independent learner. There are also different DIY Internet sites that tell you how to make things or that offer online classes.

5-Trust the process! Sometimes it takes time to find something that you really enjoy. It may come easier for some but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find “your thing”.

There are so many things to do!  Have fun experimenting! That’s part of the journey.

I’ll be talking to different artists and I’ll be sure to post about it so that you will be inspired! Stay tuned!

Life Is A Journey

Life Is A Journey

The older I get the more sentimental I get. I realize that life is short and we have to enjoy every minute. I didn’t imagine how my life would be when my children started going off to college. Boy is it different! It’s another phase of life altogether. My youngest child will graduate from high school on June 10th. The house will be so empty.

I have learned that the hardest part of raising kids is when they get older. When they are little on up to high school age, that’s the easy part. At least it was for me. It’s their college years and that transition into adulthood that is the hardest. I’ve learned that once a parent, you never stop worrying. I would not change anything for the world. I love being a mom… I just pray a lot. I think most moms do.

In a few months it will be my time. My time to get to know myself again. Time to spend time alone with my hubby. I’m going to make a list of the dates we are going to have. I want to learn to relax, enjoy the quiet and have fun. Time for my husband and I to continue on this journey. Time for us.

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