Painting Party At Pinot’s Pallet!

Painting Party At Pinot’s Pallet!

Hi Friends! I was recently invited to Pinot’s Palet for a painting party. I had a wonderful time! Paul the owner was so nice and our teacher was so nice and patient! **I was not paid for this blog post however, I was allowed to paint for free as a guest of Chelsea’s**.

I drove to Apex for the party and I didn’t have any trouble at all finding Pinot’s Palette. I got there and was welcomed with lots of smiles. Chelsea Vanderpool, a fellow TriFabb blogging group member invited me. I was happy to meet her in person! I received an apron to wear to protect my clothes and I ordered a glass of Moscato. It was so refreshing and I enjoyed sipping my wine as I painted. Paul, the owner, and Denise, our teacher were so nice in making sure that we had everything we needed whether it be wine, snacks or more food. Denise gave us an overview of what we would be doing and we proceeded to paint our pictures step by step with her guidance. It was so much fun!

You can purchase refreshments and snacks. Wine served by the glass.

Paul the owner was so nice!

Thanks for the invite Chelsea!

Here you can see my vase taking shape. We followed our teacher, talked, laughed and had a break every now and then. Next, we added the flowers and then the leaves. I like the fact that this was a free-flowing picture and not too structured. At first, things didn’t look like they would take any sort of shape and then our teacher would have us do the next step and whoa! Our pictures started to take shape and pop! Everyone did such a great job on their pictures. Every picture turned out good!! I was so relaxed and happy and I couldn’t wait to show my family my picture!! They were very impressed!!

My vase

Coming along nicely!

Everyone’s painting

We had a great teacher

I highly recommend Pinot’s Palette. The people are nice and the classes are so much fun. When we took a break, Paul took me on a tour. They have a glow in the dark room! It was so neat to see the pictures glowing! You can book that room for parties and team events or even a night out with the girls! Pinot’s Palette is great for date night, my husband and I will have to go there soon. I loved the gallery walls that showed examples of pictures you could paint. The artwork there is beautiful! Here are some of my favorites:

Glow in the dark painting!

Glow in the dark art!

Sample art

Three ladies. Sample art. I love this one!

I love my painting!

I will definitely go back. I might even try glow in the dark painting!

Enjoy your day today and go do something fun!

DIY Cornice Board

DIY Cornice Board

Hi there! I hope you all had a great week! I have been meaning to tell you about a DIY cornice board that I made with my son’s help. We made it for my family room and it was so easy to make. It is made out of foam insulation board (Polystyrene) that I purchased from Home Depot for $8 and some change.  I found the fabric at a steal from a sewing store that is closing. The fabric is by Waverly. I only paid $2.60 a yard and I bought all that they had which is a yard and a half. Now let me tell you, I don’t know how to sew. It’s the one class that I wish I had taken in high school. If I can do this, so can you. Basically, all you do is cut the foam, push finishing nails in to hold the sides on after hot gluing. Then wrap the cornice with your fabric! I used T- pins. If I ever want to change the fabric out, I can. My Aunt that is an awesome seamstress recovered one side of my pillows that are on my couch. She is such a good seamstress! Now my family room looks so much better!! I hated the ugly color that was on the pillows (one side of the pillows) before. I’m so glad she helped me with this project.  Back to the cornice board, my son is in college and is studying Architecture so measuring and cutting is fun for him. He was fascinated with the project and even helped me hang the cornice board above the window! I have included a few pictures of the cornice board and one of the pillows. I need to make another cornice board for the door. That will be a small one and I think the room will look even better.

diy cornice board, diy cornice, diy cornice with matching pillows

I did not come up with the idea on my own. If you look on Pinterest, you’ll find tons of ideas. I found the instructions on a blog called In My Own Style. I would like to thank Diane Henkler for her post and instructions on the cornice. Here is the link to her blog. She made things really easy to understand. Thank you so much Diane! I couldn’t have done this without your instructions!


I had so much fun with this project and the finished cornice board really makes the room look so much better! I’m slowly improving the family room as I find art and accessories. Do something creative and have a great day!! Until next time!


Jewelry Studio/Office Makeover!

Jewelry Studio/Office Makeover!

Hi Friends!! I really needed to make over my Jewelry Studio/Office. I started by painting. I worked hard and I am so proud! My daughter Maya helped me tape off but other than that, I did it all by myself! That’s right! Girl Power!! I still have a lot of work to do but I like the progress I have made so far. The paint color is so cheerful. I feel happy whenever I walk into the room. Nikki from At Home With Nikki has a video about craft room organization and it is awesome! That was my motivation and my inspiration to start. Thank you, Nikki! I am happy with the progress I have made so far. I will add some cabinets, get a new desk and jewelry desk eventually but for now it is my happy space! Here are before and after pictures of my jewelry studio/office.

Blog Post Pic Office Before Pic2Blog Post Pic Office After Pic 2


If you are in need of a craft room or home office makeover, I suggest that you head on over to YouTube and watch Nikki’s video. She suggests that you choose your color and commit to it. I found that tip to be very helpful. I am the type of person that tends to get overwhelmed by too many choices. I’m like a kid in the candy store when it comes to paint chips! My poor husband was so patient with me when we were shopping for paint at Lowes. I was able to narrow down the color before we left the house. Since I chose the color that I wanted to paint, the whole process took less time because I just had to narrow down the shade. I wanted my space to be bright so I didn’t want to go too dark with the color. I am so glad I got it right the first time! I just love the color and how it all turned out! I can’t wait to buy accessories and artwork for the room. I really wanted my space to give me creative energy and it has done just that. When I step into my jewelry studio/office, I immediately think of ideas for jewelry designs, blog posts and crafts that I want to make. At the same time,my studio is very calming and I feel that this will be a great place to relax and be by myself. I plan to have a small TV and a comfy chair for reading, watching TV or listening to music.

I will be sure to update you as I make progress. I would love to hear about your craft room or office! If you have any tips or suggestions for organization, I would love to hear those too!

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How I Found My Creative Mojo And You Can Too

How I Found My Creative Mojo And You Can Too

I’m going to tell you how I found my creative mojo. You know…. how I found what it is that I like and enjoy doing.

When I was a stay at home mom, I made baskets and rugs out of fabric. I even made ivt into a little business. But, before that, way before that I was crafty and enjoyed crocheting, cross stitch, latch hooking (small decorative rug making) and a host of other crafts. When I was in my thirties, I took a jewelry class and loved it. I have been making jewelry ever since. Once I made a few pieces of jewelry, I wondered why I had never realized that I should have a career doing something creative. By then I already had three children and was working full time so jewelry making was a hobby.  I have said many a time that if I knew then what I know now, I would have persued a career in jewelry design.

I learned a lot of different jewelry techniques to find out what I enjoy doing. I enjoy learning new techniques. Jewelry making is expensive though.

My advice to you if you are looking for something fun or relaxing to do is to try different things. Take classes. It’s fun to take classes with a friend. When you find what it is that you like, you will know it. I knew it in my spirit when I found things that I enjoyed.