My Story

I have been crafty all my life. I learned to knit when I was four! I later learned crochet when I was in girl scouts and I liked that much better. After that I tried other crafts and it seems that I was always making something. I took a break for awhile while I grew up and I didn’t start branching into a lot of different crafts until my twenties. It was not until I was 36 years old that I took my first jewelry class and I was hooked! I made a bracelet and everyone at work loved it! People started placing orders and I was soon making different jewelry designs and enjoying every minute! It was then that I found what I meant to do. I was always happiest when I was crafting or creating something. Jewelry making took my happiness to a whole new level. I was already married and had three beautiful children so my time was limited between being a mom, working full time and keeping up with the house. I managed to take classes here and there and I bought a lot of books! I learned a lot on my own. I was always so happy when I learned a new skill. I have taken breaks here and there when life gets too busy but I always go back to jewelry making. I find it very relaxing and satisfying. I listen to music and work away. I have my own space which is good because jewelry making can be messy! I know how happy I am when I am creating things and I want to help you find your creative outlet!

We Have Three Children

We have two girls and a boy. Time has flown and we will soon be empty nesters. Our youngest child will graduate from high school this year. She was a miracle baby. She weighed 1 1/2 lb! Time really flew by! The children grew fast and we still can’t believe how old our children are. Enjoy every minute with your children.

I Married My High School Sweetheart

That’s right! I married my high school sweetheart. He even drove my school bus! That was when students could drive a school bus. Don’t laugh, he made good money and we went on some pretty nice dates! We went together for seven years before we got married. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in July 2015!

I Love the Beach!

I love the beach and would like to move there when I retire. If I don’t move to the beach, I would at least like to have a beach home and spend most of the summer there. I can see myself with my own jewelry studio. I would love to make jewelry and be able to look out at the ocean!