Easy Flower Pot Spruce Up

Easy Flower Pot Spruce Up

Hi There! I have a quick and easy flower pot spruce up project to share with you today. You know how it is, you have the winter blahs… you are ready for spring. The weather in my town is crazy. One day it’s in the 70’s and the next day it’s cold and in the 40’s! Well, we had a warm streak… more than three days and I got excited! Soooooo.. I looked at my dry dead looking front porch, then I looked out at the sun shining all pretty so you know what I did? That’s right, I went to my local Lowe’s and got some pretty pansies and some fluffy candytuft so that I could makeover my flower pots. I have two pots, one on either side of my front door and I am embarrassed to say that they had dead mums in them. I wasn’t going to admit it but this just shows that I am human. I’m sure some of you don’t always repot your planters right away after it gets cold. Time got away from me and then it was way too cold out there. I seldom go out the front door so it didn’t grab my attention.

I love the pretty pansies that I purchased! Their little faces are so pretty. I plan to make something with some them later by pressing some of them. I just removed the old dead mums, added some fresh potting soil and planted the pansies and candytuft in the pot. It didn’t take long and it looks so pretty and springy! Is that a word? I’ve been watering them and they are filling in nicely. I am going to wait to replace the flowers in the front flower bed. I need to wait until the warm weather is more consistent. At least I have a pop of color on my front porch. When it gets too hot for the pansies, I will put more flowers in the pot. I will buy some heat tolerant plants because the front porch gets a lot of sunshine and it gets really hot here!

Dead mums 🙁

Candytuft and Pansies going in 🙂

All Done!


I love working in the yard. I don’t work in the yard as much as I used to. I love flower gardening but I don’t like worms, bugs, and snakes. So I have my flower beds but not as many as I had at our old house. It takes time to keep the weeds out, deadhead and keep things looking nice. I am limited on time so I had to cut back on something. Making jewelry and trying to blog among other things take up a lot of time too. That is why I tried to give a little time to gardening on a smaller scale so that I can still do other things and enjoy the pretty flowers too.

I hope you enjoy your week and that you do what makes you happy. Life is short. Enjoy every day!