How I Found My Creative Mojo And You Can Too

How I Found My Creative Mojo And You Can Too

I’m going to tell you how I found my creative mojo. You know…. how I found what it is that I like and enjoy doing.

When I was a stay at home mom, I made baskets and rugs out of fabric. I even made ivt into a little business. But, before that, way before that I was crafty and enjoyed crocheting, cross stitch, latch hooking (small decorative rug making) and a host of other crafts. When I was in my thirties, I took a jewelry class and loved it. I have been making jewelry ever since. Once I made a few pieces of jewelry, I wondered why I had never realized that I should have a career doing something creative. By then I already had three children and was working full time so jewelry making was a hobby.  I have said many a time that if I knew then what I know now, I would have persued a career in jewelry design.

I learned a lot of different jewelry techniques to find out what I enjoy doing. I enjoy learning new techniques. Jewelry making is expensive though.

My advice to you if you are looking for something fun or relaxing to do is to try different things. Take classes. It’s fun to take classes with a friend. When you find what it is that you like, you will know it. I knew it in my spirit when I found things that I enjoyed.

Creative Mojo-Five Steps To Finding It

Creative Mojo-Five Steps To Finding It

Hi Everyone! I want to talk to you all a little bit more about finding your creative mojo. You know, that hobby or thing that you like doing and it gives you joy.

Some of you may be looking for a creative outlet to relieve stress, make some side money, fill the time or to add some excitement to your life. Some of you may be in the same spot that I am in. Your last child is going off to college and you want to find something fun to do or you want to pick up a hobby that you enjoyed previously. Well, I’m going to help you find out how to do that!

Here goes:

1- Think back to the past, what have you done before? Perhaps even as a teenager and you enjoyed it? I have spoken to people and during the course of our conversation, they realized that they used to draw or paint. Perhaps they took cooking or sewing classes in high school and forgot how much they enjoyed it until now.  If you remember enjoying something, try it again to see if you still enjoy it.

2-Make a list. I love lists! Make a list of things that you have wanted to learn. Jump on the Internet and look into some of the things on your list. Narrow your list down to the things you think you would enjoy the most. Prioritize your list and start trying the things on your list in that order.

3-Talk to friends and see what types of things they enjoy doing. Perhaps you can have a girls day and explore something that a friend enjoys. Sometimes it is fun to learn and do things with a friend.

4-Research on the Internet or go to the library and look at books about different hobbies.  I used to be like a kid in the candy store when I visited the library! They have tons of books about jewelry making. I used to check books out and learn new things at home as opposed to taking a class. This is good if you are an independent learner. There are also different DIY Internet sites that tell you how to make things or that offer online classes.

5-Trust the process! Sometimes it takes time to find something that you really enjoy. It may come easier for some but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find “your thing”.

There are so many things to do!  Have fun experimenting! That’s part of the journey.

I’ll be talking to different artists and I’ll be sure to post about it so that you will be inspired! Stay tuned!

Life Is A Journey

Life Is A Journey

The older I get the more sentimental I get. I realize that life is short and we have to enjoy every minute. I didn’t imagine how my life would be when my children started going off to college. Boy is it different! It’s another phase of life altogether. My youngest child will graduate from high school on June 10th. The house will be so empty.

I have learned that the hardest part of raising kids is when they get older. When they are little on up to high school age, that’s the easy part. At least it was for me. It’s their college years and that transition into adulthood that is the hardest. I’ve learned that once a parent, you never stop worrying. I would not change anything for the world. I love being a mom… I just pray a lot. I think most moms do.

In a few months it will be my time. My time to get to know myself again. Time to spend time alone with my hubby. I’m going to make a list of the dates we are going to have. I want to learn to relax, enjoy the quiet and have fun. Time for my husband and I to continue on this journey. Time for us.

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